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Face Of Wisdom by Theme Garden - A painting of an old Indian on a tanned buffalo hide. Includes three sizes; 1024, 800 and 640.

Fallen Brother Cry by Digital Imagination - Fallen Brother Cry is another in my series of Native American themes. This theme shows a wolf mourning the loss of his Native American brother and contains custom icons, cursors and sound files.
Falling Autumn Leaves by Volsgal - Two children are having a good time in the fall leaves of autumn; custom icons, anis and cursors. Matching hotbar, winamp, IE toolbar, animated screensaver and wallpaper available separately.
Family Affair by Marjie - Nothing is as beautiful as the love of a parent for thier child. Matching Logo files, cursors, and icons included.
Family Night by Darlene - Listen to the soft sweet sound of rustling water in this picture of a mother, father and child spending a day fishing at the creek. Music by Sly And The Family Stone, Family Affair. Enjoy, Darlene
Family Time by Darlene - What better way to spend a hot summer afternoon than down by a cool pond, doing some fishin with the family. Maybe there will be a catch for supper if they are lucky. Music by Dolly Parton, Family. Enjoy, Darlene
Farrah RGB by Judd Yancey - Farrah RGB is actually 3 themes in one package. You get 3 backgrounds, 3 sets of icons, 3 sets of cursors, 3 sets of logo screens, 3 color schemes (red, green, blue) and 1 excellent screensaver! This is a must for Farrah Fawcett fans!
Fast Ball by Jeanie - This is an outstanding painting by artist Jim Daly of a couple of children playing baseball in an open field, and the young pitcher is getting ready to throw his best fastball. Music Take Me Out To The Ball Game. Enjoy Jeanie
Father And Son Fly Fishing by Darlene - What a wonderful way to spend time with your son, then a full day on the river trying to catch that special fish. Music by The Browns, That Little Boy Of Mine. Enjoy Darlene
Father And Sons Fishing by Darlene - This is a great picture for anytime of the year, of this father who is spending time with his two children teaching them how to fish in his favorite pond. Music by Elton John, Father And His Son. Enjoy Darlene.
Father You re Special by Themes By Lacats - A special theme for your special Father! Theme includes icons and cursor. Other matching downloads include, IE Toolbar, Winamp 3.0, Outlook Stationery, Hot Bar and wallpaper. Happy Fathers Day!
Fathers Day Measurement by Jeanie - Dad is seeing how this little boy measures up after a year of growth in this cute little wallpaper where dad is marking the wall to see what the new growth height is. Music by Elton John, Father And Son. Enjoy Jeanie.
Fathers Day Scale Count by Darlene - Dad is looking on to see just how much weight this cute little boy has gained with the eating of a big strawberry ice cream cone and all that his pup can do is sit and beg for a bite. Music by Elton John, Father And Son. Enjoy Darlene.
Fathers Gift Of Love by Wallys Desktop Creations - This is a wonderful painting of a father taking the time to teach his young son how to read. Music by Elton John, Father And Son. Enjoy Wally.
Finishing Touches by Darlene - This is a wonderful painting by Mark Keatley. It has two little girls in their summer garden, filled with sunflowers and different kinds of vegetables, putting the finishing touches on their scarecrow. Maybe they are working so hard to complete the scarecrow, to try and keep a couple of curious guest out of the garden. Music by Dottie West, Childhood Places. Enjoy Darlene.
Fire And Ice by Darlene - Is this beautiful lady blue hot or ice cold Who knows but it is a wonderful wallpaper to light up you desktop rather you like it hot or cold. Music by Bobby Vee, Devil Or Angel. Enjoy Darlene
Firefighters Labors by Darlene - Theres not much to say about this wallpaper except it is a wonderful picture depicting the true labors of a firefighter. Music by Jerry Reed, When Your Hot Your Hot. Enjoy Darlene
Firemen 2 by Jeanie - Great picture of 2 firmen rushing into a raging fire. Has matching screen saver, wallpaper and hot bar. Music Great Balls of Fire. Created by JEANIE
First Bite by Jeanie - This is such an adorable wallpaper of a little girl and her younger brother sitting on a bolder and spending some time fishing. This marvelous picture is included in my screen saver Children Are Wonderful, which was posted earlier. Music by Shirley Temple, At The Codfish Ball. Enjoy Jeanie.
First Born by Volsgal - The birth of a first born is always a cause for celebration as shown by this Native American couple as they hold their tiny bundle; custom icons, anis and cursors by Sheps Place. Matching hotbar, IE toolbar, winamp and wallpaper available separately.
First Winter by Wallys Desktop Creations - This is a beautiful painting of an Indian standing in the deep snow, near a river with her two horses and baby. Music by The Browns, Indian Love Call. Enjoy Wally.
Fishing Buddies by Darlene - This wallpaper will take you back to when boys were boys and did the simple things in life like spent a day at the fishing hole. Music by Burl Ives, Froggy Went A Courting. Enjoy Darlene
Fishing Buddies by Jeanie - This is a great wallpaper of an older man sitting on the dock fishing with a feather friend. Music, Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay. Enjoy, Jeanie.
Fishing Dock by Darlene - What a cute painting with two little boys and their dog sitting on the dock with their fishing poles. Music Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay. Enjoy Darlene
Fishing Docks by Darlene - Sit back and enjoy this wonderful painting by artist Andres Orpinas. The paintng shows a little boy sitting on a harbor duck fishing the day away. Plenty of different types of boats, seagulls even a lighthouse makes this painting a special one. Music by Songs For Kids, The Big Ship Sails On The Ali Ali O. Enjoy Darlene.
Fishing For Catfish by Darlene - This is a great wallpaper of two little boys who are fishing in a soft evening light. An orange sky reflects on a beautiful lily-covered pond that have blooms of white. Music By Charley Daniels, Little Folks. Enjoy, Darlene.
FLATLEY FLUTE JAM by Pamela Tanagi - Michael Flately with sounds of him playing the flute and dancing. Desktop theme with screensaver, sounds, startup and shutdown screens. Pictures by Jaydee.
Flatley Touch Dancing by Pamela Tanagi - Michael Flatley and Bernadette from Lord of the Dance and Feet of Flames. Large file with many music files, cursors, original icons, screen saver and startup and shutdown screens. Wallpaper by Jadiee.
Flatley Touch Dancing V1 by Pamela Tanagi - Shorter version of Flatley Touch Dancing with less music files for shorter download time. Wallpaper by Jadiee.
Flight Of The Tribe by Darlene - This is a magnificent painting by artist Gary Ampel of two Indians from young to old with the things of nature in the background like a hawk, bear and wolf. Music by Johnny Cash, Ghost Riders In The Sky. Enjoy Darlene
Forever Mates by Susan Jensen - This beautiful desktop theme shows two Native Americans and there love for each other.. in deep blue surrounded with the NA feathers. Pleasing to the eyes..
Forever Young by dmblnd - Our favorite stars at a carnival. Features Marilyn. Includes both floating balloons active & plain wallpaper plus the complete song by Rod Stewart. Original icons, cursors, logos. Easy install. Screen saver, stationery, ICQ, WinAmp, Hotbar available.
Forza Eddie Irvine by Gerry Meyen - An Eddie Irvine desktop theme with real Ferrari F1 sounds and a lot more And with install/uninstall support (.exe)
Francoise Yip by Daniel Sandler - Theme of Hong Kong actionhero actress Francoise Yip containing wallpaper, icons, cursors, videocursor, sounds from Rumble in the Bronx and start up screens
Fred Astaire by Jeanie - What a wonderful picture of Fred Astaire dancing.Music by Fred Astaire, Dancing Cheek To Cheek. Enjoy Jeanie
Freddie Prinze Jr. by JoyCrazy - Freddie Prinze Jr. Desktop Themes check out my site for more Freddie Prinze Jr. Desktop Elements
Freddie Prinze Jr. by margaret - A request of the young actor Freddie Prinze Jr. This theme has original wallpaper, icons,logos and webviews.
Free Spirits by Jeanie - This is a wonderful painting that combines the free spirit of a Cougar and an Indian, with beautiful mountains in the backround. Music by Rod Stewart, Broken Arrow. Enjoy Jeanie.
Fresh Snow by Darlene - Seems these three children are having a great time in this new fallen snow. They have built a great little snowman. It brings back childhood memories of fun times in a northern winter. Music by Bing Crosby, Frosty The Snowman. Enjoy, Darlene.
Friendship by Marjie - This theme has an Oriental flavor, with 3 beautiful women featured on the wallpaper. The kanji means friendship. Companion wallpaper, coordinating skins and screensaver are available separately. Matching Logo files, cursors, and icons are included.
Future Stars by Darlene - These two little boys must be talking about their upcoming stardom as champion hockey players when they are grown, while the dog wonders if there is a place for him in the game. A cute theme for all upcoming hockey players. Music by Dean Martin, Let It Snow. Enjoy Darlene

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